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Christ Clinic

Mission Statement

We are a Christ-centered, patient-focused, non-profit, primary care clinic that communicates God’s love by meeting the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the underinsured who are experiencing poverty and difficult circumstances through the delivery of excellent health care.

Christ Clinic: Sharing the Love of God Through Medicine

Who We Are…

Throughout the Bible, the people of God are challenged to advocate for and help the needy. Christ’s example to us demonstrates that His offer of new life is very often associated with physical and psychological healing and the restoration of personal, familial and occupational functions.
Many of our neighbors are without work, financial reserves, health insurance coverage, and access to essential primary health care. As Christian health professionals, we have the opportunity to fulfill Christ’s commands and follow his example by using our gifts to help meet these needs in an affordable and respectful way. We also recognize this as a unique opportunity to help rehabilitate broken people, restore function, encourage self-sufficiency and promote the good news of the Gospel.

What’s Happening In The Clinic???


Dear Patient:

It is with heavy hearts that we are announcing the closing of Christ Clinic effective February 28, 2017. We will not schedule appointments after February 16, 2017. The decision to close the Clinic was made after exploring all alternatives to keep it open. Much prayer and thought by the founding physicians, our staff and the board of directors has gone into this decision. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons we can no longer sustain the operation of the Clinic. We had hoped to find another medical provider willing to assume operation of the Clinic but so far this effort has been unsuccessful.

Our staff will do its best to assist you in identifying another clinic to provide your care. Attached is a list of clinics in the Spokane area that may be able to care for you. Of course, you may seek medical care from any clinic or provider you like. We strongly recommend looking for a new medical provider as soon as possible. Please call me, Natalie Jackson, and I can help you begin your search. You can reach me at 509-325-0393 extension 317.

Your medical records are confidential and a copy will be transferred to another clinic or released to you or another person you designate only with your written permission. To release your medical records to another clinic you will need to complete and sign the enclosed authorization form and return it to Christ Clinic as soon as possible so we may transfer your records to your new provider. We will not charge you for copying or forwarding your medical records.

Your medical records will be maintained for ten years from your last visit to Christ Clinic, unless you are a minor. If you are a minor your records will be maintained until you reach age 21 or ten years after your last visit to Christ Clinic, whichever is longer.

Christ Clinic has been serving patients for over 25 years. We are saddened to see this ministry end, but we are thankful for all the great care – spiritual, medical and mental – provided by the dedicated staff of the Clinic over these years. If you have questions please call or come by the Clinic.


Natalie Jackson

Director of Christ Clinic

Clinic Hours

Provider visits are available by appointment only:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday clinic hours are from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday clinic hours are form 9:00 AM-12:00 PM & 2:00 PM- 5:00 PM
The clinic is closed on Fridays.

**Walk in services for current patients: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM Tuesday-Thursday. Walk in services are for blood draws an blood pressure checks. Immunizations, therapeutic injections, TB test’s, and UA’s will require an appointment. We will do our best to accommodate same day appointments for these services. Please note that the clinic varies in staff/volunteers and some time periods are better than others. As we know your time is valuable we ask that you call the clinic and be placed on the schedule for this service as we want to provide the least amount of wait time as possible.

President’s Day, February 15
Easter, March 28
Memorial Day, May 30
Independence Day, July 4
Labor Day, September 5
Thanksgiving, November 24th and 25th
Christmas Observance, December 26
New years Observance, January 2

Note: We are closed from 12:00 to 2:00 PM on Wednesdays for weekly staff meetings.

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Clinic Location
914 W. Carlisle, Spokane, WA 99205

Telephone: (509) 325-0393/ Fax: (509) 325-7209/ Records Fax Line: (509) 944-4391
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The clinic is closed to any donations aside from non-expired and refrigerated insulin.

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