Christ Clinic

(509) 325-0393 • 914 W. Carlisle


Q: Are all of the Clinic’s medical personnel volunteers?
A: Christ Clinic medical personnel are comprised of both paid staff and volunteers.

Q: Does Christ Clinic collaborate with other organizations?
A: Yes, Christ Clinic works in collaboration with many other service providers, referring patients when appropriate, and supports clinic training for colleges and universities.

Q: Does the Clinic have any denominational affiliation?
A: Christ Clinic is not affiliated with any denomination.

Q: Where does the Clinic’s funding come from?
A: The Clinic benefits from the generous contributions of individuals, businesses, churches and foundations, as well as patient fees.

Q: What is the Clinic’s relationship with Christ Kitchen?
A: Christ Kitchen is a sister organization to Christ Clinic. Its Director, Jan Martinez, originally began working as a psychotherapist at Christ Clinic. Her experience with poor, disenfranchised, abused, and homeless women, led her to dream of a Christ-centered work place, staffed by volunteers where relational, financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs could be met.

The inspiration for Christ Kitchen evolved after group therapy and Bible studies were poorly attended by Christ Clinic patients. Assuming that money would be an incentive for impoverished women to come into a Christ-centered mission, the idea for Christ Kitchen was conceived and brought before the Christ Clinic Evangelism Committee and Board of Directors who wholeheartedly endorsed it.

Christ Kitchen began in February, 1998 by employing two Christ Clinic patients to produce products for a local mission fair. Today the Kitchen provides job training for 30-35 women annually, produces 35 products, and features a restaurant, catering and deli box lunch business.